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Industrial Sensors

Compass Sensors

The Autonnic Compass Sensor uses fluxgate technology to provide the most accurate magnetic heading, meeting the requirements of all navigation displays and devices need heading data input for commercial and industrial uses. The unit is weather tight, allowing an optimal installation position wherever required.

Common applications are for:

Building and Construction, Mining, Underground and Underwater Navigation, Mapping, Geo-Stationary Satellite Positioning, Robotics and Autonomous Machinery / Vehicles, Rail Industry, agricultural, cranes.

  • Magnetic heading data

  • Pitch and roll compensated

  • Auto Calibration

  • 12/24V

  • Water resistant to IP68

  • 5 versions available




NMEA-0183 with AD-10


NMEA-0183  with gyro


NMEA-2000 compatible


NMEA-2000  compatible    with gyro

IP68 Wind Sensors

The NMEA0183 Autonnic Wind Sensor provides reliable and accurate information about the speed and direction of the wind working against a structure. The unit is built to last using robust, quality materials and is able to withstand the harshest working environments.

Common applications are for weather stations, cranes, tall structures/buildings, wind turbines, weather buoys, traffic / highways management, environmental monitoring, agricultural/horticultural and aviation industry

  • Wind speed and direction

  • Robust

  • 12/24V

  • Zero set-up feature

  • Available in 3 sizes: 

    • N    Normal

    •     Extended

    • P     Short




NMEA-2000 compatible

NMEA0183 to 2000 Wind Converter

Allows a NMEA0183 wind head sensor to be connected to a NMEA2000 system without requiring new wiring.  Provides power to the Wind Sensor.

  • Takes in 0183 Wind data

  • Delivers NMEA-2000 Wind data

  • Can use existing masthead cable

  • Zero set-up button

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