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Floating-Core Fluxgate Magnetometers


Autonnic's  low-cost floating-Core fluxgate magnetometers components are primarily for measuring the horizontal component of the earth's magnetic field to make compasses.  Because the earth's field has a vertical component which varies around the world, the floating core fluxgate devices always resolves only that part of the field which influences a core which is held in the horizontal plane.

Autonnic's range includes both damped and undamped types as well as 3 sizes:


For tilt angles of  +/- 20, 35 and 45 degrees.


Fixed-Core Magnetometers 

Our fixed Core Magnetometer Components are made in a range of sensitivities.  Many are used in differential magnetometry. A single core sensor is for the most sensitive measurements and components are also available with dual windings for null field work when detecting in the nano Tesla  region.  

Autonnic products which use one of these sensors include:  A5022, A5025, A5040, A5050, A5060, A407x and A408x  A4032 and others

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