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DC Current Sensors

Autonnic has pioneered a method for sensing DC current magnetically without ferrous material.  Our patented fluxgate technology means that no de-gaussing is needed and so the sensor can be fixed in place.

A4710 DC current sensor

  • Measure current without breaking connection

  • 50A

  • Fully isolated - can be used at high voltages

  • Resolves to 1mA

  • Stable to 10mA

  • Ideal for battery monitoring

  • Can be fixed permanently

  • Analogue output

  • Serial digital output

  • Auto range change

  • No overheating in fault condition

Handheld DC Current Detector


The Handheld DC Current Detector uses fluxgate technology to safely measure current in any conductor without having to cut cables.  Rapidly build up a picture of where your batteries are draining to by clipping the detector around an electric cable and reading the current flowing through it from the LCD display.

  • No-break current measuring

  • Hold over the wire

  • Self-contained with internal AA batteries

  • Auto-ranging 5A and 50A

  • Indicates up to 500A at reduced precision

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