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The Compass Sensor uses fluxgate technology to provide the most accurate magnetic heading converted to a digital signal.  Also available with Gyro. The electronic unit is weathertight, allowing an optimal installation position inside or outside the hull.


  • Provides magnetic heading data
  • Vessel movement compensation
  • NMEA 0183 
  • Water resistant to IP68
  • Auto Calibration
  • Compatible with 3rd party displays and devices


Model A5041 Gyro Specific - Heading output is derived by additionally integrating the rate output from a MEMS yaw accelerometer or ‘gyro’ which is drift-corrected by a precision fluxgate magnetometer with pitch and roll compensation up to 45°.


Model A5024 Specific - The compass has a separate, dedicated output in Furuno AD-10 format. This is a proprietary 4 character serial format, which gives heading in degrees and tens of minutes.


Please click here to download the product datasheet


To find our more please visit our compass sensors page.


Compass Sensor 0183

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