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VAR20 Battery Regulator

The VAR20 Battery Regulator Module is the heart of the AptiVolt system of Battery Management.  It takes power from the AptiRail only if it is available and supplies it to the battery it exclusively manages only if it needs it.

Button set-up for Priority and Chemistry.

AptiLoop set-up for reporting and serial data control.

  • 4 stage rapid battery charging

  • 5 choices of battery chemistry

  • 3 levels of Priority

  • Up to 20A charging

  • Temperature probe option

  • Displays charging current

  • AptiLoop enabled

  • Powered from AptiRail

  • 98% efficient converter

  • Very low battery drain

VAS45 Alternator Manager

The Autonnic AptiVolt Alternator Manager converts the sources of power it is connected to to AptiRail levels so as to be available to all Battery Managers. 

It can also be used, with a VAR20, to charge one battery from another - such as the dinghy battery.

  • Boosts Alternator Output up to 20A

  • Extracts high currents even when Alternator voltage is lower than the battery's

  • Accepts other DC inputs such as an existing battery charger

  • Feeds power to AptiRail

  • 3 levels of Priority

  • Powered by the inputs

  • 98% efficient

  • 2 separate inputs

  • Battery present for sensed alternators

  • AptiLoop enabled

VAS11 Solar Manager

The VAS11 Solar Manager is always at the highest level of Priority in the AptiVolt system so that when the sun is shining the connected mains or alternators will be proving as little as they need to.

  • Up to 20A of solar current

  • Handles up to 340W of panel (2x170)

  • Operates close to the MPP point potentially releasing 40% more power than direct connection

  • AptiLoop enabled

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